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NOTE: These plans enable you to construct the La Bala Chassis, which is used as the basis for further construction of the La Bala-Street MR2 based Mid-Engine sports car. If you do not understand ‘Early Adopter’ please read this or contact me directly via the Contact Us form for an explanation.

Your purchase includes:

  • CAD Plans to build chassis (including suspension)
  • Parts List Spreadsheet
  • Link to download 3D eDrawing viewer with measurable chassis in 3D

The Chassis Plans consist of only the detailed and dimensioned CAD drawings with some other important annotation. Every tube and bracket in the chassis is dimensioned and when required, provided with a full-scale wrapping template that you can wrap around the actual tube. See an explanation of the wrapper templates. This innovative feature helps you make very precise miters and copes and removes all of the guesswork from your fabrication. The parts list contains general information regarding other parts and components you will need to source to complete your La Bala-Street.

The Manuals and Plans are in PDF(Portable Document Format). If you order the plans to be delivered via email they will arrive in PDF binders, which are groups of pdf files organized by chassis section. If you send a check via mail you can expect the files to arrive on a CD accompanied by the entire plan set printed out on 8.5″ x 11″ letter size pages.

To be able to view the Manuals or Plans on your computer, you must have a PDF reader installed on your system. You can use Adobe’s PDF Reader or Foxit Reader. Adobe and Foxit are both free readers but Foxit is only 1 MB in size while Adobe Reader uses over 65MB of hard drive space.

The Bala chassis plans should be printed out so you can take the paper copies with you to the workshop.I encourage you to print 2 sets. One you will use to cut the templates and the other you can keep as reference for dimensions. When you print please make sure that your printer is not scaling the pages to fit as this will mess up the templates for the tube ends, which you will cut out and tape around the tube ends to make your cuts. When purchasing the plans electronically please make sure that you include the email address you wish to have the plans sent to as these pdf files will be emailed within several hours of receiving your order. I am located in Cave Creek, Arizona which is near the west coast of the United States of America.

  Early Adopter Price will remain in effect until Plan Set is complete, then will return to original $179 price.

Other Payment Methods: If you are old-fashioned and don’t like email you can snail-mail me a check. I will print and mail you the plans in a manila envelope.  There is an additional $10 printing/postage and handling charge for checks. Expect a 2-3 week delay for all mail transactions. Your check will have to clear my bank first. Make the check out for $109.00 payable to ‘Grabercars’ and be sure to include your return address.