10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund for Your Car

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need an Emergency Fund for Your Car

Cars may, perhaps, be the most unpredictable and expensive property that you can own at any point in your life. They come with lots of conveniences especially when you live in the Canadian rural towns, cities, or even suburbs. Anywhere really. Worse when you have to deal with an emergency car repair, then getting a Lendgreen loan could be the best option to get emergency cash. But owning a car also comes with loads of responsibilities and time and money that you have to put into it. And at other times, you may even realize that these inconveniences outweigh the benefits of owning a car, especially when dealing with emergency car repair expenses.

It would be a smart idea to open an emergency fund for your car to deal with all the problems it throws your way. This list explains ten reasons why you need to open an emergency car fund right now.

  1. The time you need to replace your car tires

You can go for the winter tires for your cars especially when you reside in Canada. Car tires are a worthwhile investment which can end up saving your life in all kinds of climatic weather conditions. With a car emergency money fund, getting new tires for your car can’t put much pressure on you.

  1. The “check engine” light turns on

One day you notice your “check-engine” light turns on in the middle of the month when you have almost exhausted all of your monthly income. You will be in “panic mode.” This doesn’t have to be the case when you have your car emergency fund.

  1. Time for your car brakes to be changed

Brakes also rank among the most vital parts of your car and can save you a lot of problems if you maintain them on a regular basis. You can manage this without much stress with a car emergency fund.

  1. When the gas price goes up

Gas prices are ever fluctuating, and you will never know that time when it will shoot up and stay up. Having extra money to cover that extra gas fees will help.

  1. Your windshield begins to crack

You immediately know you need to have your windshield replaced the moment it begins to crack. You just can’t say you can drive through traffic on the highway with a cracked windshield without posing a danger to both yourself and other road users. An emergency fund can help you cover for a new windshield.

  1. Your car just won’t start

Your car has refused to start, and you don’t know what’s wrong with it. Taking it to the mechanic to get checked will cost you some bucks which you can get from an emergency car fund.


  1. The car behind you bumps into you

Let’s face it, accidents happen. But sometimes they can happen at the most unexpected times. That money set aside to deal with these problems can save you a lot of stress.

  1. Your heating or air conditioning breaks

These can always happen during the worst weather seasons. And if you have broken heating or air conditioning, you might end up suffering a lot in your car.

  1. Your timing belt snaps

Replacing a timing belt is quite expensive. And car emergency funds can help a great deal.

  1. You fail to see that pothole soon enough

Potholes can cause a lot of damage to your cars which you didn’t expect. And if you don’t have the cash to repair these broken parts, you may end up having to park your car until you do.

8 Unique Ways to Use Your RV This Winter

8 Unique Ways to Use Your RV This Winter

Although many outdoor and travel lovers are fully aware of the benefits of owning a recreational vehicle, many RV owners miss out on several fun and unique ways to enjoy the cooler seasons outdoors. RVs are great for camping and outdoor recreation, but can also be quite versatile when a little creativity is applied. Here are 8 unique ways to use your RV this winter!

1. Create a romantic couples retreat.

The intimate space that a RV provides can be ample for the development of a couple’s retreat. Decorate the space with cozy blankets and low lighting for the maximum romantic effect.

2. Build a man cave.

Man caves have become a necessity in western culture and both RVs and RV trailers are great for adding a touch of manliness to a space. This option is great if you’re running short on home space.

3. Visit a ski lodge.

Although many RV owners temporarily park their vehicles for the winter, a ski lodge visit can be an exciting adventure. Some ski lodges may even offer an RV for sale to preferred customers.

4. Turn the RV into a tiny house.

With the recent popularity of the tiny house movement, many RV owners have sought to convert their RVs into a tiny home. This option is extremely economical and has become a reason for the increase in RV sales across the country.

5. Take a tour of the mountains.

A scenic view of the mountains is an excellent choice for RV owners in the winter. RVs provide beautiful sight seeing options for travelers of all ages.

6. Allow others to rent the space for extra cash.

Many RV owners have also taken to leasing RV space during inactive winter months. This option can bring extra cash flow into a home while ensuring that the RV remains in ample condition for the more useful summer months.

7. Try your hand at winter camping.

While many RV owners choose to camp in the warmer months, winter camping can be a beneficial outlet for families. Some RV dealers will even offer additional RV equipment to purchasers interested in winter camping.

8. Experience exotic animal sightings.

RVs provide an excellent source for wild life viewing and many exotic animals can be viewed in cooler months. RVs make an excellent home during winter safaris and natural exhibitions.

Whatever your preference, remember that RVs are versatile vehicles that can be fully optimized during any month of the year. Simply choose a theme, decor choice, or activity to participate in during the cooler months to begin to utilize your RV in creative new ways. Check out the Lovesick Lake RV Sales website if you want to learn more.

Six Reasons Why Toyota Cars Are So Impressive

Six Reasons Why Toyota Cars Are So Impressive

1. Mechanical Durability

When you purchase a car from this maker, you access the product of world-renowned engineering. Remarkably, 80 percent of Toyota’s cars sold 20 years ago are still on the road today. This is a testament to how this company values deeply sound engineering and automotive design. Toyota’s customers tend to be quite loyal, returning to car dealerships again and again to trade up for newer models.

2. Excellent Resale Value

When shopping for used cars made by this company, one is struck by the fact that these vehicles hold their value quite well. Because of this manufacturer’s sterling qualities, quite a few people are willing to pay top dollar for Toyota cars.

3. Strong Safety Standards

If you care deeply about safety for yourself and your passengers, you’ll be glad to know that Toyota’s vehicles have deeply advanced safety features. Furthermore, this company’s award-winning design team continues to work on new ways to keep motorists safe.

4. Innovative Features

Throughout the many years that Toyota has manufactured cars, this company has remained on the cutting edge of automotive technology. With innovation to spare, this company has done a lot to influence this industry for the better. Toyota’s Prius was one vehicle that completely changed the entire auto industry. In many other ways large and small, this company continues to exert a positive influence in its industry.

5. Environment-Friendly Technology

More so than many other manufacturers, Toyota has taken great pains to lead the automotive industry in making vehicles that are environmentally friendly. With its all-electric Prius model and its Avalon hybrid vehicle, Prius is doing a lot to reduce motorists’ reliance on fossil fuels. Toyota’s commitment to the environment is one trait that should help this company maintain an extremely valuable brand for generations to come.

As climate change continues to cause consternation worldwide, more and more consumers are demanding that companies embrace policies that are beneficial for Earth’s natural systems. To appeal to the upcoming generation of buyers, more auto companies will have to match Toyota’s commitment to the environment. It seems that Toyota’s management has an apparent social consciousness.

6. Industry Acclaim

For quite some time, customers and automotive commentators have celebrated the quality of Toyota’s vehicles. Over the years, Toyota vehicles have received high quality ratings from authorities like JD Powers and Kelly Blue Book. Over the years, Toyota’s managers have consistently hired some of the most skilled technicians in the auto industry. This has enabled the company to maintain its acclaimed status in spite of very stiff competition. Even recessions and economic downturns, this company remains fully capable of maintaining its commanding commercial position.

How to Establish a Vehicle Reimbursement Program

How to Establish a Vehicle Reimbursement Program

A vehicle reimbursement program is designed to compensate employees for the business use of their personal vehicles. This is in contrast to the alternative of having a fleet of company-owned vehicles ready for your employees to use for work-related activities. There are many costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles, such as the up-front sales price, insurance, maintenance, gas and more. Because of this, many companies choose to move forward with a vehicle reimbursement program that compensates their employees for business use of their vehicles. However, there are many ways to issue a car allowance to your employees, and finding the right program to use is the first step.

Consider the Actual Costs to Your Employees
Before you choose to use a car mileage allowance or another type of car allowance policy, it is important to consider the actual cost your employees incur as a result of using their vehicles for business purposes. After all, while you do not want to pay a fortune overpaying employees for the use of their vehicles, you also do not want to set up a payment structure that is unfair to them. This can lead to discontentment and even massive turnover in some cases, which can be a managerial nightmare. Employees incur expenses related to gas and extra wear and tear on their vehicles. The extra mileage means their vehicles will depreciate in value more quickly. In addition, some insurance companies may charge them a higher rate if they use their vehicle for business purposes.

Explore the Various Options Available
Clearly, you want to set up a vehicle reimbursement program that covers all of these expenses your employees incur. There are some services that provide vehicle reimbursement programs. These programs may use complicated software analytics based on the type of vehicle being driven, the fuel economy of the vehicle, the depreciation rate of the vehicle, average insurance costs of the vehicle and more to more accurately create a customized reimbursement rate. This may be preferred to using the government-established car mileage allowance. The government system takes into account averages across the nation, but vehicle reimbursement programs offer more customized results that can eliminate overpaying or underpaying employees for the use of their car.

It can take a lot of time and effort to thoroughly review all of the options and to understand the pros and cons of each system or method. However, your time and effort spent in this effort will ensure your employees are properly compensated in a fair manner while also preventing the costly possibility of overpaying them. Take time to begin exploring the options for vehicle reimbursement programs today as a first step. If you visit CarDATA, you can find more resources for a better understanding.

Which Ford Model is Right For Your Lifestyle?

Which Ford Model is Right For Your Lifestyle?

When looking for new cars at Ford dealerships, Canadian customers will find reliable models that are suitable for heavy-duty performance, family road trips and efficient driving. Dealers will gladly offer affordable car leasing options for some of the brand’s best-selling editions like the Super Duty pickup truck, Explorer SUV and Fusion sedan.

Complete Heavy-Duty Jobs

Available with two V8 engine options, the Ford Super Duty is a powerful pickup truck that’s built to handle heavy-duty tasks. The 6.2 L gas engine whips out a maximum of 385 horsepower and 430 pound-feet of torque. This engine also comes with the Live-Drive Power Takeoff that improves handling of attachments such as snow plows. Running on diesel, the turbocharged 6.7 L Power Stroke engine cranks out up to 925 pound-feet of torque. With a conventional towing capacity of 9,525 kg, the Super Duty is surely fit to haul heavy equipment over long distances. The class-exclusive Trailer Reverse Guidance System comes in handy for towing fifth-wheel or gooseneck trailers. With its lightweight yet durable aluminum body and steel frame, this pickup truck can withstand harsh conditions.

Take Family Road Trips

Featuring three rows of seats for up to seven occupants, the Ford Explorer is a premium SUV that’s designed with families in mind. Equipped with the Intelligent 4WD, this model can take on any terrain with confidence. Having turbochargers, the 2.3 L EcoBoost I-4 engine and 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 engine deliver solid performance in various settings. Spacious enough to accommodate up to eight people, the Expedition is a full-size SUV that’s also suitable for family adventures. This versatile vehicle rolls on the Control Trac 4WD system that offers good traction on paved roads and rugged landscapes. The 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 also delivers plenty of power and torque to overcome challenging obstacles during off-road journeys. The Explorer and Expedition have plenty of high-tech amenities that deliver reliable guidance for road trips. The SYNC 3 infotainment system includes GPS navigation software and other online utilities. This patented multimedia console allows passengers to sync their Android smartphones, iPhones and other mobile devices. Accessible via sound systems by Sony, music on SiriusXM Satellite Radio will entertain passengers during long road trips.

Enjoy Economical Cruising

Customers who visit car dealerships in search of efficient Ford models can choose from the Fusion, Focus and C-Max. Available with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrains, these cars run on the 2.0 L Atkinson Cycle engine that’s synced with a lithium-ion battery and electric motor. The SmartGauge with EcoGuide is a digital display that provides feedback on important parameters like real-time fuel economy. Drivers who don’t want to use a single drop of gasoline can choose the Fusion Electric Hatch. Equipped with a single-speed automatic transmission, this four-door electric hatchback makes a great urban car.