How do I buy a La Bala?

There are two ways to build your own La Bala, Bala-Street (Mr2 Donor based), or Bala-Track (using all new components of the highest grade and a finished frame and suspension that meets SCCA safety specifications) . You choose which version best suits your needs based upon your intended use, your budget and time, and your ability to fabricate parts and source donor components. Expect to spend between $15,000 and $35,000 to complete your la bala-kit depending on version (Street or Track), engine choice, trim level, etc.

As of Sept 1, 2007 You can now purchase completed La Bala.  Completed La Balas are custom built cars and price will depend on many variables.

Please see my forum posting for details.

MR2 Donor based La Bala – Street edition

La Bala – Street can be built almost entirely in a 1 or 2 car garage.  The street edition is a sub-1,600Lb tube-frame, 2 seat mid engine sports car that is suitable for street and fun track use. It is built almost entirely from my CAD plans and build book. It re-uses many MR2 donor components, uses some new components and will required a decent amount of fabricated components that you will either have to make from the plans or purchase from a Grabercars distributor. You will have a car building experience similar to my own (which you can read in the build diary of this website. The best part for you is that I have already done all the nasty research and discovery issues and have built the bodywork. Since I have done all the hard work for you already — my CAD Plans, Build book and expert advice will combine to help you maximize your dollar and minimize your hassles.

Here is an overview of the parts of La Bala – Street (MR2 donor edition)

  1. Front Suspension: unequal length a-arms with geometry optimized for the MR2 steering rack and donor hubs. Yamaha R6 motorcycle shocks and bellcranks inboard pullrod configuration.
  2. Rear Suspension: deDion beam style rear axle for optimizing traction, designed to accept bolt-on MR2 hubs. Yamaha R6 motorcycle shocks and bellcranks inboard pushrod configuration. 4 Trailing bars and Watt’s Link all with heim joints
  3. Suspension brackets and bushings: Hand fabricated per build book.
  4. Chassis – Tubular spaceframe with integral roll structure. Built from Grabercars CAD plans
  5. Brakes: MR2 calipers and rotors (1987+), Wilwood front -hanging pedal set. Clutch/Brake with bias bar. .625 MC’s
  6. Accelerator pedal – MR2 donor on custom bracket, cable from MR2 donor
  7. Radiator – MR2 donor
  8. E-Brake – MR2 handle donor with custom cables
  9. Shifter – MR2 donor with cable extensions
  10. Engine/Transaxle/halfshafts – MR2 donor (power adders per customer choice)
  11. Engine mounts – MR2 donor and fabricated, with customer modification per build book.
  12. Fuel Tank – MR2 donor, end cut off and welded shut with additional inner plasticized coating
  13. Seats – Customer choice. MR2 donor seats do fit, but with modification. Racing seats and harness highly recommended
  14. Exhaust – MR2 donor to the flex-pipe. Customer fabricated beyond. Cat may be required in certain states. Builder responsible for meeting all local state and federal legal emissions requirements.
  15. Steering – MR2 donor system complete from tie-rod outers to steering wheel including steering column and switch gear.
  16. Wiring – Can re-use MR2 donor harness with modification or customer may choose to rewire entire car and use aftermarket ECM.
  17. Windshield – Geo Metro
  18. Bodywork – High quality fiberglass in 5 pieces. Front hood, 2 sides pieces, rear deck and windshield header cap. Mounted to frame with fabricated hinges and brackets.
  19. Lighting – Front lights are hella 90mm halogen units. Tail lights are custom aluminum tubes with 4″ round Led sealed lamp units and gaskets.


La Bala-Track is a sub-1,500Lb vehicle built from all-new components using GM Ecotec Supercharged engine/ 5-Speed LSD transaxle of 245Hp and is intended for competition track use only.
Please contact us for pricing and details regarding Bala-Track

We can also build fully finished and show quality la Bala cars to customer specification. Please contact us regarding this