La Bala Purchase Options

LA BALA PURCHASE OPTIONS – All the time adding more product to our catalog!

Now available: fabricated chassis and suspension arms, complete rollers minus bodywork stage, suspension tubing included in tube packs.

DIY plans for chassis and suspension –  this is our MR2 Running Gear based car.  You use some mechanical parts from a MKI MR2 to save money instead of buying all new parts….

Please note Bala Chassis and Suspension plans are not finalized – Buy the plans now for $99 and as we finish the drawings we will send them to you free of charge. This means that every Early Adopter chassis plan purchaser will receive free upgrades to the plans and build manual for as long as the car is being developed. This guarantees that you will always have the latest drawing package

Chassis Plans – The Grabercars La Bala chassis plans include a drawing sheet for every tube in the chassis and suspension, a parts list spreadsheet listing all of the major donor parts, purchased parts and fabricated parts you will need to construct the La Bala Kit and a BOM with the length and weight of every tube in the chassis. In the plans every tube appears on a separate 8.5 x 11 sheet which doubles as the template. Simply cut the paper, wrap around your steel tube and tape down, then cut the tube to the line on the paper for ‘exact fit’ tubes with no guesswork.

Parts List – a very complete list of major items you will need to buy to complete the car. Includes donor parts, purchased parts and part numbers as well as which parts need to be fabricated and are available from Grabercars.

Chassis BOM – a spreadsheet that describes every tube in the chassis and front suspension. Includes length and weights in metric and imperial.

Assembly Guide – an assembly guide showing how it all goes together is still being written. When it is completed you will receive it as it is included in the price of the plans.Expected completion in Winter 2008.

Please note that the plans and the assembly guide are not finished and the price for this package will go up when they are.

Price Regular price $179 – (Special Early Adopter Offer) : $99 – This product is available right now!


Pre-cut steel tube packs – instead of buying and cutting your own, let us cut them for you.

Full Chassis and Suspension Tube Pack – Every 1″x1″ square tube, 1.5″x1.5″ square tube, 1″ round DOM tube and 1.5″ round DOM tube required to build the La Bala MR2 based chassis and front suspension plus rear deDion axle. Every tube is pre-cut, numbered and packaged according to the section of the frame. Includes the round tubes for the front suspension arms AND the rear deDion axle. This tubing pack includes all of the DOM round tubing pre-BENT to the correct shape! You will not need a tubing bender, or to do any tube bending if you buy this pack. You will still need to purchase flat stock, paneling and some additional steel locally.

Price: $1,425 (plus shipping) – This product is available right now!
Square Tube Steel Pack  –  Every 1″x1″ square tube and 1.5″x1.5″ square tube required to build the La Bala MR2 based chassis. These tubes are precision cut to length and will require you to miter the ends using the plan set templates.

Price: $650 (plus shipping) – This product is available right now!
Round Tube Steel Pack  –  Every 1″ round DOM tube and 1.5″ round DOM tube required to build the La Bala MR2 based chassis, deDion axle tube and front suspension. These tubes are pre-bent to the correct shape and will require you to miter the ends using the plan set templates. This tube pack includes all of the DOM round tubing pre-BENT to the correct shape! You will not need a tubing bender, or to do any tube bending if you buy this pack. Note that due to chassis modification the round tube pack no longer includes the windshield surround tube or cabin top tubes. Contact me for price quotes on individual tubes.
Price: $775 (plus shipping) – This product is available right now!

Steel Pucks for front suspension a-arms  –  The Grabercars front suspension arms require machined steel pucks to accept the outer balljoints of the uprights into the a-arms. This is one of the few machined parts required on the entire car.

  Price: $65 – plus $15 shipping (mainland USA) – This product is available right now!

Chassis with suspension arms – fully welded and primered chassis with front a-arms and rear deDion axle – Chassis is professionally welded, fully bracketed and braced, primered and comes with engine mounts for either Ecotec or MR2 4AGE. It is ready for rigging and paneling. Available in your choice of powder coat color for additional $400. Now includes suspension arms!

Price: $3,900 – plus shipping

Build manual – MR2 based build. Describes step by step assembly process with text, photos and illustrations. This is the assembly of components required to build a car using plans sold above. Includes a complete component list.

Price: $30 – This product is not yet available.

Complete Bodywork for La Bala – Made of Hand Laid Fiberglass – Includes the front clamshell with integral headlamp buckets, rear clamshell, side panels, lower rear valance and windshield/dash frame. This is not some crappy high resin chopper gun body, but the highest quality hand-laid fiberglass. It is lightweight and very stiff. With our bodywork there is very little prep work required compared to many fiberglass products available on the market today. This saves you money in the paint prep stage. You could even leave the car in gel-coat with no paint and it will look good. These parts have virtually no ripples and only the smallest flashing lines. Specify black, white or gray gel-coat when ordering. Additional gel-coat colors are special order.

Price: $4,970 (Plus shipping) – This product is available right now!

Windshield Frame/Dash Combo of Hand Laid Fiberglass – The Dash Windshield is a complicated piece to manufacture with multiple layups bonded together in final assembly before being pulled from the molds. It not only serves as the dash and gauge pod on the interior of the car, it is also the windshield frame. The glass it uses is 1996 Geo Metro. It is designed to bolt onto the chassis and is also held in place by the front clamshell, which lays down over top of the leading edge of the glass. This assembly deletes the windshield steel frame from the chassis plans.

Price: $840 (Plus shipping) – This product is available right now! 

Lower Rear Valance of Hand Laid Fiberglass – The rear valance is a piece that attaches to the lower part of the rear clamshell and is a cosmetic enhancement to the rear bodywork. This part is a very lightweight hand laid fiberglass cloth of the highest quality.


Price: $350 (Plus shipping) – This product is available right now!
Complete Roller minus bodywork and driveline – Now you can have a complete La Bala roller delivered to you minus bodywork and engine. This package includes every part from our Track Package below minus bodywork and items attached to the bodywork.
Price: $16,900 (Plus shipping) – This product is available right now (90 – 120 day lead time)!

1- LA BALA TRACK – Self-Assembly Car in crates – We build the complete car minus engine for you, then disassemble, crate and ship to you. This product includes all components required to assemble a complete roller minus driveline and paint.

  • Fiberglass body panels, unpainted
  • Complete tubular spaceframe chassis with aluminum panels
  • Interior panels and center console
  • AIM mychron auto dash
  • Team Dynamics Pro 1.2 wheels with Falken Azenis RT-615 tires
  • Wilwood brake package front and rear
  • Custom CNC Cut and bent plate steel welded uprights
  • Steering rack
  • 2 aluminum racing seats with covers and 5 point harness
  • wiring harness for main electrical (not including engine harness)
  • tail lights and headlights with lexan covers
  • front windscreen
  • shifter
  • mirrors
  • All suspension components and quality dampers
  • engine mounting brackets (for designs in-stock)
  • cooling system
  • fuel tank and filler
  • and more… Pretty much everything needed to build a track car minus the engine, shifter cables and engine-specific wiring harness, minus half-shafts, minus paint prep and paint.
  • We can also assemble your la Bala and have it shipped to you with the engine of your choice. Please email to discuss this option.

Price: $25,000 – There is currently a 90-120 day lead time on this product.

Note: La Bala Track is sold as a track car, for off-road use only. If you desire a street legal product you may be able to accomplish this yourself, but you will need to ensure that it complies with your local state requirements. We will give assistance as we are able.

Shipping – For bodywork orders we have to crate the bodywork and then will ship via freight F.O.B. to your destination. It is a light crate, but large due to the shape and size of the clamshells. You are also welcome to come personally to pick up from our shop. Call ahead to determine space and weight requirements for your order.

Orders and Deposits – (Explanation of terms and conditions) Deposit will be 50% of your order. Since we are a small company your deposit is very important to ensure the fabrication and timely delivery of your product. Your deposit kicks off the wheels of industry at Grabercars. The arrival of your deposit will ensure that your car receives a production date and that all the required parts in our inventory are allocated to your car. The deposit must be included at the time you place your order.
Orders are filled in the sequence that they are received. Delivery date for your order will be stated at the time we place your order into the production schedule. We will try to provide a very specific date for delivery, but the date given will in effect be an estimate and will be subject to change.
OrderingIf you are interested in ordering a Grabercars  la Bala or in receiving more information about our production scheduling and delivery times