14 New Car Gift Basket Ideas for Auto Enthusiasts

Buying a new car is a big purchase and one that a lot of people take pride in. Some genius car accessories and new car gifts will help someone appreciate their new vehicle in various ways.

That said, car gifts are a different breed of gift. If you’re not used to shopping for them, you may be lost when assembling a new car gift basket. Here are some car-friendly gifts that work for the car lover in your life.

Check out the 14 best new car gift basket ideas:

Idea #1: Seat Organizer

A seat organizer usually hangs behind a seat, sometimes goes between the seats, or is conveniently put near the driver’s location. Inside an organizer, one can fit snacks, notebooks, water, a smartphone, sunglasses, and other small items that may otherwise get lost while driving.

Idea #2: Ice Scraper

A handheld ice scraper that is safe for the windshield is an absolute necessity for any driver in Canada. This handy item can remove ice and snow whenever necessary, creating visibility in difficult winter conditions.

Idea #3: Sunglasses

A nice pair of sunglasses will be helpful on those bright days when they’re driving seemingly in the sun. Sunglasses are a must to combat glare and high amounts of sun, especially if they’re planning a road trip soon. They make excellent additions to your gift baskets for new car owners.

Idea #4: Odor Neutralizers

An odour neutralizer or an essential oil-infused scent product can be a nice way to infuse a new vehicle with something more appealing to the driver. Although many appreciate the ‘new car smell, if it’s a new car that’s a used car, this can be a helpful way to rebrand it as someone’s own.

Idea #5: Car Seat Slip Cover

A car seat slipcover isn’t just covering up a seat’s damage. If the car owner you’re buying regularly goes to the gym, a car seat slipcover machine washable will absorb all the sweat and smells after working out. An all-black, premium-grade car seat slipcover will keep the smell of the car in tip-top shape.

Idea #6: Car-Cleaning Gel Putty

Some areas of a car are incredibly difficult to clean. They get dusty, and the dust sits there almost in perpetuity. With car-cleaning get putty, they can get into the cracks, crevices, and vents to remove any dust, debris, crumbs, and hair and ultimately restore the vehicle to a near ‘factory’ look.

Idea #7: Luxury Thermos

A premium-quality thermos will allow someone to take their hot coffee or tea with them as they venture out to run errands or commute to work. A lot of people use low-quality, dollar-store thermoses. That’s fine, but gift-wise, this is your chance to upgrade them to something more luxurious.

Idea #8: Smartphone Holder

A universal smartphone holder is easy to find. They can be mounted with magnets, clipped onto vents, or some are even designed to sit in a cup holder. Just ensure it’s universally compatible and that the angle is adjustable. Thankfully, most are.

Idea #9: Dash Camera

A dash camera records and backs up footage as you drive so that everything in front of the vehicle is caught on camera in the event of an auto accident. If their vehicle isn’t already equipped with one, it’s an excellent investment to have one, and they make for a great gift.

Idea #10: Themed Keychain

Now that they have a new car, it’s a great time to buy them a new keychain. A themed car keychain can show one’s love for their car, hobby, or interest. Keychains exist by the thousands, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that’s right for your gift recipient.

Idea #11: Car Care Gift Kit

A new car gift basket should be fun. Some car care accessories are smart and welcome but shouldn’t form most of the basket. Some items you might include in your car care gift collection are a shine-wash-and-wax product, all-cleaning wipes, and an auto glass cleaner.

Idea #12: Car Detailing Kit

If you think they might want to take car care a little further, you can go the route of car detailing. This might include a polisher, carpet cleaner, polishing and buffing pads, brush accessories, and microfiber towels.

Idea #13: USB Jump Starter

A jump starter and portable USB charger are lightweight and, when charged, are a backup in case their smartphone dies while on the road or in case they encounter a dead car battery. Both problems can be solved with a high-quality USB jump starter.

Idea #14: Roadside Emergency Assistance

Another not-so-fun but important category of gifts for a new car gift basket is those tied to emergency assistance. If they aren’t already well-stocked, some roadside emergency assistance products you may want to look at include jumper cables, tow rope, a reflective triangle, a flashlight, a safety hammer, and First Aid supplies.