How to Open a Locked Car Door Quickly

Now and again, we may forget to do things that are a part of our natural habits. We may wake up late and skip breakfast to get to work on time. At other times, these habits are so overlooked that they may cause more trouble than initially anticipated. Getting into your locked car is one of those annoying problems.

Your car door may be locked due to forgetting your keys inside the vehicle itself. Or, the door may be shut tight for no discernable reason. The best way to open a locked car door is by contacting a professional locksmith. However, you may also solve this problem using a few common and unorthodox techniques. Use the following methods to unlock the car door in question.

Open a locked car door with tennis ball.

This one may be the most uncanny of all the tricks to utilize when unlocking your car door. However, some drivers have noted that it could work in the right situations. Grab a tennis ball that you may have lying around, or purchase a couple of cheap ones. Then, poke a hole inside of the ball.

Place the tennis ball’s hole over the door’s keyhole and push. The resulting air force should be enough to unlock the car’s locked door. Of course, this may take a couple of tries, at least to generate enough force. Once you get it, the door should open up without worry.

Open a locked car door with shoelaces.

A common theme of unlocking a locked car door is that many of these methods are pretty unorthodox. For example, who would have thought using a shoelace could be effective? Grab a shoelace off of a show that is not in use; make sure it is somewhat thick and not too skinny.

Tie a small loop at one end of the shoelace and gently push it into the locked door you are tackling. Try your best here to get the loop around the lock. Once it has gotten hold of the lock, pull it up using the other end of the shoelace. The door should then unlock as per usual after that resulting action.

Open a locked car door with coat hanger.

Like the shoelace method, a coat hanger could also prove efficient in this challenge. All it takes is getting a coat hanger that is not in use and rewiring it in a certain manner. Unwire the hanger, and create a hook-like shape at one of its ends. This is the most important part of the method.

Then, stick the hooked end of the coat hanger into the car door. You will have to now maneuver the hanger the same way you did for the shoelace method. Get the hook around the door’s lock, and pull on it once it is secure. The car door will now unlock like usual.

Open a locked car door with screwdriver.

Using a rod and screwdriver to unlock a locked car door can be easy, but it requires the utmost care. If you are not careful, you could add more damage to the vehicle than you would like. No one wants to have a locked car door, in addition to a vehicle’s damaged exterior and interior!

First, grab the screwdriver, and use it to create a bit of space. Once this has been completed, use the rod that you have to push the car door’s lock. With enough patience and luck, the lock should then be pushed upwards. Try again if you were unsuccessful on the first attempt, as it may take a few tries here.

Open a locked car door with plastic strip.

Sometimes, all it takes to unlock your locked car door is the use of a simple tool. Take a strip of plastic that you may have lying around in your home or garage. Then, bend the strip to result in a hoop-like shape. Insert the plastic strip through the car door’s jamb, and move towards the lock. Once the strip is secure around the lock, lift it, and then you are done.

Open a locked car door with lock pick.

If you need to get into your car in a fast and quick fashion, you may need to use a lock pick. These tools work as the name implies, but you must employ patience and caution. On the other hand, it may take some time to use it effectively. You may want to call in a locksmith in this light.

Open a locked car door with manufacturer.

Your car’s manufacturer will always be around to lend a helping hand if you are having issues. Give them a call, and tell them to drive to your location. Sometimes, all it takes is secondary, professional assistance. Your car’s door should be unlocked in no time at all!