Recommended Reading for Car Builders

Here is a list of books that might be of interest to persons designing and building cars:

  • Don Alexander's "Performance Handling" from 1991
    "Peterson's Basic Chassis, Suspension, and Brakes", 1970
    "How To Modify Your Mini" by David Vizard, 1977
    Paul Van Valkenburgh's "Race Car Engineering and Mechanics", 1992 ed.
    "Theory and Practice of Chassis Tuning" by Norbye, 1972
    "Chassis Engineering" by Herb Adams, 1993
    "Race Car Fabrication and Preparation" by Steve Smith, 1977
    "New Directions in Suspension Design" by Colin Campbell, 1981
    "The Complete Handbook of Front Wheel Drive Cars" by Norbye, 1979
    "Competition Car Suspension" by Allan Staniforth, 1991
    "The Anatomy & Development of the Sports Prototype Racing Car" by
    Ian Bamsey, 1991
    "The Car and Its Wheels - A Guide To Modern Suspension Systems" by
    Norbye, 1980
    "Steering, Suspension, and Tyres" by JG Giles, 1968
    "Advanced Race Car Suspension Development" by Steve Smith, 1974
    "Racing Car Design and Development" by Terry and Baker, 1973
    "Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design" by Costin and Phipps, 1961
    "Fundamentals of Vehicle Dynamics" by Gillespie, 1992
    "The Sports Car: Its Design and Performance" by Campbell, 1978