How to Make Your Car Unique and Special

A car may just be a way to get from A to B for some, but others take pride in their ride and want it to look amazing. Maintaining your vehicle means you care for your investment and want it to look good, but all the washing and buffing may not be enough.

What about adding things you don’t see very often on other cars? You can do many things to modify your car, letting it stand out anywhere. There are different ways to make your car look special and unique. It only takes time and money and if you have both, upgrade your ride with these awesome car mods. It shows you care about your car and want it to look impressive. Pride in ownership is a good thing!

Here is how to make your car unique:

1. Upgrade the car body

Do you want to get instant attention? Then you need to focus on how your car’s body looks. This could be as easy as getting a new paint job to reflect your style.

Graphics are a way to spice your car up. You can include different customizable decals with slogans or designs to create a cool aesthetic look. They are usually waterproof vinyl, so they will last, and the options are endless.

Body wraps take it to the next level. This radically changes your car with colour and texture, and you can wrap the whole car or just the hood or roof. Even doing side view mirrors will make and impact.

2. Unique car wheels

Upgrading your wheel is easy and instantly affects making your car more unique. The wheel includes the rim, spokes and barrel and is where your tires are mounted on. You can improve performance and style with wider tires and fancy rims with powder-coated or chrome-plated aluminum. They look awesome and drive even better when you get some new wheels.

3. LED lights

Your car probably has standard halogen lights, and they are designed to give you good illumination while driving at night. If you are looking for a unique lighting solution, automotive LED lights are the ideal upgrade.

You can get these lights installed as an upgrade from the factory when you buy a new car or get them aftermarket. Either way, it is a worthwhile upgrade for sure. They improve your visibility and draw less from your electrical system, making them extremely energy efficient. They also last up to 20 years and are easy to install.

You can get LED headlights, taillights, turn signals, fog lights and pickup bed lights. And if you want more illumination, there are tailgate light bars, underbody light kits and interior strips and tubes. LED is a great way to make your car stand out.

4. Unique vanity plate

You can ensure your car and take the plate they give you, but you are left with numbers and letters that fade into the crowd. Why not use this little bit of real estate to stand out?

Customize your car with a vanity plate that says something about you. It can be your name and birthdate or something personal to you. Use a nickname or something funny that will grab attention. Some places even let you personalize your plate with graphics, so pick something unique to you without being offensive.

5. Interior car upgrades

Looking inside the car, there are plenty of things you can do that is different than most other cars. Start with custom floor mats with your favourite brand or logo. There are almost endless colours to choose from too. Then match it with a nice leather steering wheel wrap and shifter. Seat covers complete the transformation and can have contrasting colours or textures to make them stand out.

The interior trim wrap is another mod for the car’s interior. You can do the dashboard, door panels or stereo column with high gloss or carbon fibre vinyl wrap. This is something you rarely see in a car.

6. Entertainment system

Back in the day, the stereo in cars was pretty lame. Many people would buy an aftermarket sound system and put it in themselves to get decent sound. Now most manufacturers spend money making sure your sound system is good. That doesn’t mean you can’t upgrade it to the next level.

Put in a high-tech touch screen with Spotify and Bluetooth connect and set up digital radio with a DAB adapter. Upgrade your speakers and add an amp, too, so you can be the go-to car that people want to hang around and listen to tunes.

Looking for more ways to make your car unique? Other possible modifications include:

  • Roll cage if you are doing a bit of off-roading
  • Mini fridge, so you have cool drinks on the road
  • Window tinting making your car look ominous