How to align your car – Cheap and easy!

Credit for this technique goes to Stefan Mullikin, who described this very straightforward method of alignmet on the Grassroots Motorsports Forum

Start by getting the car level, side to side, front and rear using a long builders level. Once that’s done, mark the spots for the shims and the car on the floor of the garage so that you know where to put the car and the shims every time.

Use the cmaber gauge to find set the camber setting you want. Next set up the jack stands at the four corners of the car. I usually go about 24″ past the car front and rear and about 12″ outside. Just make a perfect rectangle with the car centered in the rectangle. Mark the spots for the jackstands.

Now, tie some string form the front jack stand to the rear jack stand. Make sure its tight. Finally using a good ruler or tape measure, measure the distance between the leading and trailing edges of the wheels. This will give a number for the toe. ADjust the toe to your liking and make the mark.

Its time consuming, but worht it since you can make changes based on how the car is reacting or what the weather is doing without spending a bunch of money each time. Though sometimes fi you can find a good shop that knows a little about suspension tuning it might be helpful to pick their brains.

Just remember to just go slowly and after every adjustment roll the car back and forth, bouncing the suspension to settle the suspension out.