10 Saving Tricks to Use When Starting an Emergency Auto Repair Fund

10 Saving Tricks to Use When Starting an Emergency Auto Repair Fund

When you look at the current financial situation that you are in at the moment, you would probably think that starting an emergency fund is the best way forward. In fact, most experts agree that starting and growing your emergency funds is a smart option. It’s never pleasant to be caught in an emergency that demands that you access a certain amount of cash that you can’t raise at that particular time.

That is what the emergency funds are for; to help see you through any rough patches in the future that may require that you part with some cash. What if your car breaks down in the middle of the month and you didn’t have any savings set aside for it? What would you do? You may have to use public transport to head to and from work till the next payday. What of a leaky faucet? Your smartphone or laptop gets stolen. What if you lose your job abruptly? How will you survive even as you look for another job?

Saving this money, however, is easier said than done. But this article will provide you with some awesome tips and tricks that you can use to save for your emergency funds.

1. Maintain a spending book

You will need to create and stick to a spending book. Track your monthly spending and categorize everything you spend on. Then evaluate each category and rid yourself of any unnecessary luxury and/or spending that you feel you can do without. The experts at Lendgreen advise their clients on effective loan management. With the spending book you can also keep track of how you are spending your loans.

2. Eliminate budget busters

Eliminate things like the cable TV. Or even step down to a cheaper package and save whatever is left on the emergency fund. Starting with small changes can save you a lot at the end of the day.

3. Renegotiate everything

If you haven’t ever noticed, almost everything that has a value is negotiable. Form the habit of renegotiating everything that you can. You will find that almost all of the time you try to renegotiate, you get better rates for almost everything.

4. Bank on savings

You need to ensure that you bank the savings that you have after evaluating how you spend and also trim all the spending areas you possibly can. You can even make sending money to your emergency fund become something of a routine. You can even decide and automate the transfer to make everything easier.

5. Sell your old stuff

After making your home evaluation, you may even realize that you have some old stuff that you don’t necessarily need anymore. Why not make some extra bucks off them by selling them? You can even sell them on Craigslist or eBay.

6. Get a side hustle

You can also look for a side hustle to help earn you some cash on the side. You can use your free times like the weekends and evenings doing something productive that earns you a little extra income and put that into your emergency fund.

7. Check your withholding

It’s usually a great feeling receiving your check from the IRS each spring. But it’s much better getting the cash now, and then transferring it into your emergency fund. You can use the IRS withholding calculator to adjust everything.

8. Babysit, pet sit, or even dog walk for other people

Another awesome side gig. Remember, it’s all for the money. And you want that emergency fund to keep rising.

9. Rent your extra room

If you have an extra room and/or guest house in your home, then you can also rent it out on Airbnb and make some extra income off it.

10. Sign up for focus groups

These are kind of like surveys. Marketers and pollsters are ever so interested in knowing that you think about their products and services that they will literally pay you to get your opinion on them. You can get anywhere between $50 and $150 on websites like for just speaking your mind.

6 Safe Cars For New Car Owners

6 Safe Cars For New Car Owners

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It can be an exhilarating feeling getting your license for the first time and even more exciting getting your first vehicle. The freedom that comes with having your cars is outstanding – and it can indeed give you or your teen a greater sense of independence.

No longer having to wait for public transportation is a great feeling and it is for this reason that choosing the right vehicle can be both a joyous experience as well as a complicated experience.

Choosing the wrong car could, by all means, get you behind a vehicle that you just aren’t suited for and as a result get you in an accident. And although you may not have been at fault – having to hire a car accident lawyers after you get in a car accident is not a fun experience.

So to help prevent this situation from happening we have taken the liberty to compile a list of 6 of the safest cars for new car owners.

6 Safe Cars For New Car Owners

# 1 – 2017 Kia Soul

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Sitting at an extremely reasonable price tag at $16,400 (starting value) the 2017 Kia Soul is very affordable and an extremely reliable vehicle for new car owners. Offering car owners Bluetooth, wifi and other states of the art technology this is indeed a steal of a car for many.

Having a safety score of 9.7/10 – this indeed may be one the best options for you or your teen.

# 2 – 2017 Mazda3

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Yet another affordable vehicle – sitting at $17,845 (starting value) the 2017 Mazda3 is not only a gorgeous looking car, but it also has an extremely high safety value at 9.7/10.

The 2017 Mazda3 is a stellar vehicle that is fuel cost efficient as well as state of the art; regarding technology.

# 3 – 2017 Toyota Corolla

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Toyota’s have long been one of the most popular vehicles for many people of all driving experiences, and the 2017 Toyota Corolla is an excellent option for new owners.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla offers stirring assistance, pedestrian detection, and a pre-collision system. With so much added help for new car owners, this may very well be the creme da le creme car for new car owners.

# 4 – 2017 Honda Civic

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The 2017 Honda Civic offers a wide array of advantageous help for new car owners. The 2017 Honda Civic provides adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, and forward collision warning.

In addition, like many vehicles of late, the 2017 Honda Civic offers a wide array of technological amenities such as Bluetooth, wifi and a USB port to charge your phone or tablets.

# 5 – 2017 Honda Fit

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Yet another Honda – the 2017 Honda Fit is an excellent option for your recent high school graduate who may be entering college. It is safe, reliable, fuel efficient and has many safety protocols implemented into its driving system.

# 6 – 2017 Chevrolet Malibu

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Lastly, this has been viewed by many parents as one of the safest and best cars for their teens. The 2017 Chevrolet Malibu is in every sense of the word the most reliable vehicle that you can purchase for a new car owner.

The driving system programs a speed restriction so that your teen will never exceed the speed limit of the road as well as keep audio at a reasonable hearing level.

4 Things That Make Online Personal Loans the Smart Choice

4 Things That Make Online Personal Loans the Smart Choice

Maybe you have been rejected at the local bank after applying for a loan, that doesn’t mean that all hope is lost however. Perhaps you are not aware of all the potential benefits to getting online personal loans, today we will reveal why this is becoming the obvious choice for many consumers.

Consider these 4 things that make online installment loans the smart choice for consumers;

1. Getting a Decision in Minutes

One of the biggest advantages to getting online personal loans is that you could have that decision you have been hoping for in just minutes. Simply enter some information about yourself, click submit, and you will have your answer right then and there. Not only will you get your decision in minutes, the money will be then transferred to your bank and available for withdrawal in as little as a single business day.

2. No Mountains of Paperwork Needed

The reason that the online installment loans application process is so fast is because you are not required to submit a mountain of paperwork before getting an answer. There will be no tax returns uploaded or credit reports checked, the deciding factor is often based solely on your ability to repay the loan.

3. Using Your Money for Anything

If you tried to get a loan from the local bank, then you know how their risk department needs to know where every penny will be spent before they even consider you a candidate for a loan. With online personal loans, the money is your money, and that means you are free to spend it however you see fit. Pay off high-interest credit cards, make emergency repairs on your only vehicle, or pay your child’s college tuition, no questions will be asked. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Northcash.

4. Setting the Terms of the Loan

Unlike getting a traditional loan from the bank in your city, you are in control of setting the terms for the repayment. Perhaps you know you will coming into money soon, so you pay the loan pack in less time with a higher interest rate. Others decide to take longer paying back the loan and get the benefit of a lower interest rate throughout the term of the loan. These are terms that depend on your financial situation and you have the ability to set these terms without pressure from the lender.

Regardless why you need to get your hands on some cash, online installment loans cater to your needs and help you to bridge that gap faster than any other type of lending institution could. Just imagine how all that pressure will be lifted this time tomorrow when you have all that cash in your hands.

Five Reason You Need Do a VIN Check on a Car

Five Reason You Need Do a VIN Check on a Car

Buying a used car can be a difficult experience, especially when you don’t know all the right steps to making a smart purchase. A VIN decode and check are two things that are absolutely necessary for you to do before you give anyone a penny for a car. the following are five reasons that you need to go through these processes:


1. You’ll Know if Your Car’s Been Manhandled

When you check VIN number using services like CarProof, you receive results quickly, sometimes within only a few minutes. The history check provides details to you on a number of matters, including the number of times that the vehicle’s owner has changed. With that information, you will be able to see if the car has had one or two owners over the years, or if it has passed through more hands than a football does during a season full of games. You may want to think twice about buying a car that many people have owned as it may indicate a complex issue with the vehicle.


2. It Will Tell You About Recalls

The recall list is another piece of information that you will need to have to ensure that you don’t buy a dangerous vehicle. Recalls are requests for people or dealerships to bring the car to a specialist and have someone repair something that the manufacturer botched and didn’t fix before the car’s release date. You’ll need to make sure that the prospective vehicle didn’t have a recall, and if it did, that someone got the issue fixed.


3. You’ll Get the Info on Crashes

Crashes are another aspect of car ownership that you will need to know before you put your money toward a purchase. The history check will tell you how many accidents that the prospective car has seen since it has been in existence. If it has been in more than one accident, you may want to hold off on buying it. Some people say that cars are not the same once they have been in an accident. You don’t want to have to find out the hard way that the notion is correct.


4. You’ll Know It Is What It Is

By checking the VIN on the car, you can have peace of mind knowing that the car you are buying is indeed the car that you intend to have. A lot of shady stuff goes on in the world, and you want to make sure that you haven’t been duped by people who manipulated the VIN or something. That wouldn’t be cool at all.


5. It Can Help You to Negotiate

Perhaps the biggest reason that you need to check the VIN on the prospective vehicle is so that you can have an edge for your negotiations. For example, a dealer can’t get away with charging you $20,000 for a car that has been in three accidents over the past five years and still has a recall issue. That’s just one example of the usefulness of getting the history of your vehicle. You will be doing yourself a disservice if you do not grab that information as quickly as possible.


You should now know the importance of doing an old-fashioned car history search with your vehicle identification number. Don’t forget to ask the dealer or the seller to provide you with the information so that you know what you’re dealing with right away. Some dealers provide it as a free service, but most likely, you will have to pay a small fee for the report. The fee will not be painful, though. It may just be the smartest decision you could ever make.

Choose Your Dealership With Care Before Buying a New Car

Choose Your Dealership With Care Before Buying a New Car

If you are like most buyers interested in new cars, you may conduct considerable research online before making a buying decision. You may review factors such as fuel efficiency, safety ratings and cost of various makes and models before determining which vehicle to purchase. If you have decided through your research to purchase a Mazda, you may only look at Mazda car dealerships close to your home without comparing other aspects of the total dealership experience. This can be a detriment to you, and there are a few reasons why you want to choose your Mazda car dealership with care before you proceed with your buying plans.

The Buying Experience
Some auto dealerships proudly tout the fact that they are a no-haggle establishment. They may seemingly offer buyers a stress-free buying experience, but a no-haggle experience means that you typically will pay sticker price and cannot negotiate for a better deal. Others promise that they will not be beat on price. Some dealerships will negotiate a price with you through email or text so that you can firm up a price before you are stuck in a high-pressure sales situation in a dealership. Consider how these aspects of working with different dealerships can affect your experience as well as your total vehicle purchase price.

The Availability of Different Models and Trim Levels
Some Mazda car dealerships are much larger than others. This means that they are more likely to have the right model in stock in the color and trim level that you desire. You can typically review a dealership’s inventory online to determine which dealership has the vehicle you really want in stock and ready for you to purchase.

The Quality of Service Throughout the Dealership
The dealership that you choose to work with will also affect the quality of service as well as your access to different services. Many of the larger dealerships have in-house financing as well as auto parts and service for repairs and maintenance, but some dealerships in more rural areas may not offer all of these services. While you need access to the right combination of services, you also may expect fast, friendly service. You can read consumer reviews online to learn more about these factors before deciding which dealership to shop with.

While your most important goal may be to purchase the right car for your needs at a great price, you can see that the dealership you choose to buy from can affect your buying experience as well as your ownership experience. After you have decided to purchase a new Mazda, carefully compare the dealerships in your area with these factors in mind before you begin the buying process.