The other day I saw this guy wearing a t-shirt with some really stupid saying on it, and I couldn’t help but wonder what possessed him to buy that ridiculous shirt. I mean, it was just terrible. Come to think of it, I see a LOT of stupid t-shirts out there. What a waste of space… That’s when I had a lightbulb moment. I could make a t-shirt and help even out the ratio of cool vs stupid t-shirts! At first I figured I would make just one, for myself, but then it occurred to me that other people might like to sport a nifty t-shirt too.

So I made up this t-shirt design. It has a risque photo of La Bala (naked!) and a quote by Dr. Ferdinand Porsche. “I couldn’t find the sportscar of my dreams, so I decided to build it myself.”

I made another variation with the logo smaller, over the pocket area.